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A Better Add Grid to a Plot


Adds a grid to an existing plot with major and minor ticks. Works like R graphics grid() but the grid lines are are solid and gray and minor ticks are produced by default.


Grid(nx = NULL, ny = nx, col = gray(0.9), lty = 1, lwd = par("lwd"), equilogs = TRUE, 
    minor = TRUE, nxm = 2, nym = 2, tick.ratio = 0.5, xm.grid = TRUE, ym.grid = TRUE, ...)


nx, ny

number of cells of the grid in x and y direction. When NULL, as per default, the grid aligns with the tick marks on the corresponding default axis (i.e., tickmarks as computed by axTicks). When NA, no grid lines are drawn in the corresponding direction.


color of the grid lines.


line type of the grid lines.


line width of the grid lines.


logical, only used when log coordinates and alignment with the axis tick marks are active. Setting equilogs = FALSE in that case gives non equidistant tick aligned grid lines.


logical with TRUE (default) adding minor ticks.

nxm, nym

number of intervals in which to divide the area between major tick marks on the x-axis (y-axis). If minor=TRUE, should be > 1 or no minor ticks will be drawn.


ratio of lengths of minor tick marks to major tick marks. The length of major tick marks is retrieved from par("tck").

xm.grid, ym.grid

if TRUE (default), adds grid lines at minor x-axis, y-axis ticks.


other graphical parameters;


D.S. Stoffer


The code for grid() in R graphics and minor.tick() from the Hmisc package were combined.


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