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Seismic Trace of Explosion number 6


Seismic trace of an explosion [two phases or arrivals along the surface, the primary wave (t = 1,…,1024) and the shear wave (t = 1025,…,2048)] recorded at a seismic station.


The format is: Time-Series [1:2048] from 1 to 2048: -0.001837 -0.000554 -0.002284 -0.000303 -0.000721 ...


You can find demonstrations of astsa capabilities at FUN WITH ASTSA.

The most recent version of the package can be found at https://github.com/nickpoison/astsa/.

In addition, the News and ChangeLog files are at https://github.com/nickpoison/astsa/blob/master/NEWS.md.

The webpages for the texts are https://www.stat.pitt.edu/stoffer/tsa4/ and https://www.stat.pitt.edu/stoffer/tsda/.

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