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Ultrasound imaging of the tongue shape


The 'ultrasound' data frame has 1,215 rows and 4 columns of data from an ultrasound experiment




A Russian speaker produced the consonant sequence, /gd/, in three different linguistic environments: '2words', 'cluster' and 'Schwa', with three replications for each environment. 15 points from each of 9 slices of toungue curves separated by 30 ms (milliseconds) are extracted. Therefore, in total there are 15*9*3*3=1,215 observations.


The data frame contains the following columns:

height a numeric vector of toungue height in mm

length a numeric vector of toungue length in mm

time a numeric vector of time in ms

env a factor with three levels: 1 2 and 3 for environment '2words', 'cluster' and 'Schwa' respectively


Phonetics-Phonology Lab of New York University.


Davidson, L. (2006). Comparing Tongue Shapes from Ultrasound Imaging Using Smoothing Spline Analysis of Variance. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 120, 407-415.

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