seizure {assist}R Documentation

IEEG segments from a seizure patient


The 'seizure' data frame has 60,000 rows and 3 columns of data from an IEEG time series




The baseline segment contains 5-minute IEEG signal extracted at least four hours before the seizure's onset. The preseizure segment contains 5-minute IEEG signal right before a seizure's clinical onset. The sampling rate of the IEEG signal is 200 observations per second. Therefore there are 60,000 time points in each segment.


The data frame contains the following columns:

t a numeric vector of the observation number

base a numeric vector of the baseline segment

preseizure a numeric vector of the segment right before a seizure


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Qin, L. and Wang, Y. (2008), Nonparametric Spectral Analysis With Applications to Seizure Characterization Using EEG Time Series. Annals of Applied Statistics 2, 1432-1451.

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