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Generate Diagnostic Plots for a ssr Object


Creates a set of plots suitable for assessing a fitted smoothing spline model of class ssr.


## S3 method for class 'ssr'
plot(x, ask=FALSE, ...)



a ssr object.


if TRUE, plot.ssr operates in interactive mode.


Other options used for plot, currently inactive.


This function is a method for the generic function plot for class ssr. It can be invoked by calling plot for an object of the appropriate class, or directly by calling plot.ssr regardless of the class of the object.

An appropriate x-y plot is produced to display diagnostic plots. These can be one or all of the following choices:

The first plot of estimate of function with CIs is only useful for univariate smoothing spline fits.

When ask=TRUE, rather than produce each plot sequentially, plot.ssr displays a menu listing all the plots that can be produced. If the menu is not desired but a pause between plots is still wanted one must set par(ask=TRUE) before invoking this command with argument ask=FALSE.


Chunlei Ke and Yuedong Wang

See Also

plot, ssr, predict.ssr


## Not run: library(MASS)
## Not run: fit1<- ssr(accel~times, data=mcycle, scale=TRUE, rk=cubic(times))
## Not run: plot(fit1,ask=TRUE)

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