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Coronary Ainus Potassium Concentrations


The dog data frame has 252 rows and 4 columns of data considered by Grizzle and Alen (1969)




The data frame contains the following columns:

y a numeric vector of meansurements of coronary sinus postassium concentrations.

group a vector of group index for the four groups of dogs.

dog a vector of integers identifying dogs.

time a numeric vector of time points measurements were made.


The data are coronary sinus potassium concentrations measured on each of 36 dogs. These 36 dogs were divided into 4 treatment groups, and the measurements on each dog were taken every two minutes from 1 to 13 minutes after occlusion.


Grizzle, J. E. and Allen, D. M. (1969). Analysis of growth and dose response curves, Biometrics 25: 357-381.

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