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QQ-plots of DPIT residuals


Makes a QQ-plot of the DPIT residuals calculated from resid_disc(), resid_semiconti() or resid_zeroinfl(). The plot should be close to the diagonal if the model is correctly specified. Note that this function does not return residuals. To get both residuals and QQ-plot, use resid_disc(), resid_semiconti() and resid_zeroinfl().


qqresid(model, scale="normal")



Fitted model object (e.g., glm(), glm.nb(), zeroinfl(), and polr())


You can choose the scale of the residuals between normal and uniform scales. The sample quantiles of the residuals are plotted against the theoretical quantiles of a standard normal distribution under the normal scale, and against the theoretical quantiles of a uniform (0,1) distribution under the uniform scale. The defalut scale is normal.


A QQ plot.

See Also

resid_disc(), resid_semiconti(), resid_zeroinfl()


n <- 100
b <- c(2, 1, -2)
x1 <- rnorm(n)
x2 <- rbinom(n, 1, 0.7)
y <- rpois(n, exp(b[1] + b[2] * x1 + b[3] * x2))

m1 <- glm(y ~ x1 + x2, family = poisson)
qqresid(m1, scale = "normal")
qqresid(m1, scale = "uniform")

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