coerce_to {assertive.base}R Documentation

Coerce variable to a different class


Coerce the input to a different class, with a warning. More reliable then as, and supports coercion to multiple classes.


coerce_to(x, target_class, .xname = get_name_in_parent(x))



Input to coerce.


The desired class of x. Multiple values allowed (see note).


Not intended to be used directly.


The input x after attempted coercion to the target class.


If x does not already have the target class, a warning is given before coercion. The function will try and convert the x to each of the classes given in target_class, in order, until it succeeds or runs out of classes to try. It will first try and convert x using a dedicated as.target_class function if that exists. If it does not exist, or throws an error then coerce_to will try to use as(x, target_class).

See Also

is and as.


# Numbers can be coerced to characters but not to calls.
dont_stop(coerce_to(1:5, c("call", "character")))

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