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PK elimination linear


This building block declares a linear elimination component for a pharmacokinetic model.


  prm_cl = prm_log_normal("cl", median = 50, var_log = 0.1)



Parameter model for the clearance


PK components

PK components can be added to a pk_model and exist in three different types: absorption, distribution, and elimination. The absorption component is optional, distribution and elimination are not and need to be added for the PK model to be valid.

A PK model can only have one component of each type and adding a component with an already existing type will replace the previous definition. For example, the distribution component will be a two compartment model in the following snippet:

pkm <- pk_model() +
  pk_absorption_fo() +
  pk_distribution_1cmp() +
  pk_distribution_2cmp() +
  pk_elimination_linear() +

Parameter models

All PK component functions allow the specification of the parameter model via their arguments. Arguments that refer to a parameter start with the prefix prm_. The default parameter model can be deduced from the default arguments in the usage section of the help entry. The parameter name, specified via the name= argument of the parameter model building block allows the renaming of the model parameters.

For example, the parameter prm_vc= refers to the central volumen of distribution parameter in the one compartment distribution PK component and the default parameter model is a log-normal distribution. The follwing code block specifies a normal distribution parameter model and names the parameter v:

    prm_vc = prm_normal("v", mean = 50, var = 25)


A building block of type 'pk_component'

See Also

pk_model() for the creation of PK models

Other elimination components: pk_elimination_linear_nl(), pk_elimination_nl()

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