Assembly of Pharmacometric Models

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Documentation for package ‘assemblerr’ version 0.1.1

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assemblerr-package assemblerr: Assembly of Pharmacometric Models
algebraic Algebraic relationship
assemblerr assemblerr: Assembly of Pharmacometric Models
assemblerr_options Options
check Checking for issues
cmp Compartment
compartment Compartment
dataset Input variables
flow Flow between compartments
input_variable Input variables
model General model
model-variable-selection Selecting model variables
obs_additive Observation with additive error
obs_combined Observation with combined error
obs_proportional Observation with proportional error
pk_absorption_fo PK absorption first-order
pk_absorption_fo_lag PK absorption first-order, lag-time
pk_absorption_fo_transit PK absorption first-order, transit compartment
pk_absorption_fo_zo PK absorption first-order, zero-order delay
pk_absorption_zo PK absorption zero-order
pk_absorption_zo_lag PK absorption zero-order, lag-time
pk_distribution_1cmp PK distribution 1 compartment
pk_distribution_2cmp PK distribution 2 compartments
pk_distribution_3cmp PK distribution 3 compartments
pk_elimination_linear PK elimination linear
pk_elimination_linear_nl PK elimination linear & nonlinear
pk_elimination_nl PK elimination nonlinear
pk_model Create a PK model
prm_logit_normal Parameter with logit-normal distribution
prm_log_normal Parameter with log-normal distribution
prm_normal Parameter with normal distribution
prm_no_var Parameter without variability
render Generate model code
tsk_estimation Task estimation
tsk_output Task output
tsk_output_xpose4 Task output
vars_data Selecting model variables
vars_eta Selecting model variables
vars_matches Selecting model variables
vars_nm_std Selecting model variables
vars_prms Selecting model variables
vars_starts_with Selecting model variables