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Description of an asrtests object


An object of S3-class asrtests that contains information derived from the fits of a mixed model using asreml.

as.asrtests is function that makes an object of this class.

is.list is the membership function for this class; it tests that an object is of class list.

validAsrtests can be used to test the validity of an asrtests.object.


A list that contains three components:

  1. asreml.obj: an object of class asreml that contains the fit of a model;

  2. A data.frame containing a pseudo-anova table for the fixed terms produced by wald.asreml. It has rownames that corresond to the fixed terms that were fitted and four columns. If denominator degrees of freedom were calculated then the columns are Df, denDF,, Pr; otherwise the columns are Df, Sum of Sq, Wald statistic, and Pr(Chisq).

  3. test.summary: A data.frame with columns term, DF, denDF, p, AIC, BIC and action. Possible codes for action are: Dropped, Retained, Swapped, Unswapped, Unchanged, Significant, Nonsignificant, Absent, Added, Removed and Boundary. If the either of the models did not converge, unconverged will be added to the code. Unchanged is used when allow.unconverged is FALSE. Note that the logical asreml.obj$converge also reflects whether there is convergence.

    A row is added to the test.summary for each term that is dropped, added or tested or a note that several terms have been added or removed. When values for the AIC and BIC are included in the row, then the DF are the number of fixed parameters in the model and denDF are the numbers of variance parameters. When changeModelOnIC adds a row then the values of the degrees of freedom and information criteria are differences between those for the model that is supplied and the model changed by changeModelOnIC.


Chris Brien

See Also

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