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Data for a 1976 experiment to investigate 25 varieties of wheat


The data appears in Gilmour et al. (1995) and is from a field experiment designed to compare the performance of 25 varieties of spring wheat. An analysis of it using asreml is presented by Butler et al. (2018, Section 7.6), although they suggest that it is a barley experiment. It is used in the Wheat vignettes [Enter vignette(package = "asremlPlus")] as an executable example of the use of the asremlPlus to analyse a data set.

The experiment was conducted at Slate Hall Farm, UK, in 1976 and was designed as a balanced lattice square with 6 replicates laid out in a 10 x 15 rectangular grid. The columns in the data frame are: Rep, Row, Column, WithinColPairs, Variety, yield. The response variable is the grain yield.




A data.frame containing 150 observations of 6 variables.


Chris Brien


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Gilmour, A. R., et al. (1995) Average Information REML: An efficient algorithm for variance parameter estimation in linear mixed models. Biometrics, 51, 1440-1450.

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