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Data for an experiment to investigate whether ladybirds transfer aphids


Welham et al. (2015, Example 8.2) describe a three-factor factorial experiment to investigate whether ladybirds transfer fungus to live aphids on plants. The three factors are Host plant (beans, trefoil), infected Cadavers (5, 10, 20), and Ladybird (-, +). A generalized randomized complete-block design is used to assign the three factors to 2 Runs, each of which involves 36 containers with a plant and live aphids. The response to be analyzed is the logit of the proportion of live aphids that were infected.

The columns in the data frame are: ID, Run, Plant, Host, Ladybird, Cadavers, Live, Infected, logitP, Prop. The column ID numbers the observations. Live, Infected, logitP, Prop are response variables.




A data.frame containing 72 observations of 10 variables.


Chris Brien


Welham, S. J., Gezan, S. A., Clark, S. J., \& Mead, A. (2015). Statistical Methods in Biology: Design and Analysis of Experiments and Regression. Boca Raton: Chapman and Hall/CRC..

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