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Pulldown menus for 'asbio' interactive graphical functions


Provides a pulldown GUI menus to allow access to asbio statistical and biological graphical demos, e.g., samp.dist, anm.loglik, etc. The function demos is deprecated. The function currently provides links to over 100 distinct GUIs (many of these are slaves to other GUIs), which in turn provide distinct graphical demonstrations. The GUIs work best with an SDI R interface.



Ken Aho and Roy Hill (Roy created the GUI)

See Also

anm.coin,, anm.die, anm.exp.growth, anm.geo.growth, anm.log.growth, anm.loglik, anm.LVcomp, anm.LVexp,,, anm.transM, see.lmu.tck, samp.dist, see.HW, see.logic, see.M, see.move, see.nlm, see.norm.tck, see.power, see.regression.tck, see.typeI_II,, shade.norm, Venn


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