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Bone development data


Neter et al. (1996) described an experiment in which researchers investigated the confounding effect of gender and bone development on growth hormone therapy for prepubescent children. Gender had two levels: "M" and "F". The bone development factor had three levels indicating the severity of growth impediment before therapy: 1 = severely depressed, 2 = moderately depressed, and 3 = mildly depressed. At the start of the experiment 3 children were assigned to each of the six treatment combinations. However 4 of the children were unable to complete the experiment, resulting in an unbalanced design.




A data frame with 14 observations on the following 3 variables.


A factor with levels F M


A factor with levels 1 2 3


A numeric vector descibing the growth difference before and after hormone therapy


Neter, J., Kutner, M. H., Nachtsheim, C. J., and Wasserman, W (1996) Applied Linear Statistical Models. McGraw-Hill, Boston MA, USA.

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