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Atmospheric carbon and D14C measurements


Atmospheric \delta ^{14}C (per mille) and CO_2 (ppm) measurements for La Jolla Pier, California. Latitude: 32.9 Degrees N, Longitude: 117.3 Degrees W, Elevation: 10m; \delta ^{14}C derived from flask air samples




A data frame with 280 observations on the following 5 variables.


a factor with levels 01-Apr-96 01-Jul-92 01-Jul-93 02-Apr-01 02-Feb-96 02-Nov-94 02-Oct-92 03-Aug-06 03-Aug-92 03-Jan-95 03-Jan-97 03-Jul-95 03-Mar-93 03-May-05 03-May-96 03-Nov-05 04-Apr-94 04-Jun-01 04-Jun-03 04-Mar-03 04-May-01 04-May-07 04-Sep-96 05-Aug-96 05-Jul-05 05-Jun-00 05-Sep-00 06-Aug-02 06-Oct-06 06-Sep-01 06-Sep-07 07-Apr-05 07-Apr-95 07-Aug-07 07-Dec-07 07-Feb-01 07-Feb-03 07-Feb-05 07-Jun-07 07-Mar-01 07-Sep-05 08-Feb-94 08-Feb-95 08-Feb-99 08-Jan-01 08-Jun-95 08-Sep-99 09-Dec-01 09-Feb-93 09-Jan-02 09-Jun-04 09-Nov-00 09-Nov-02 09-Nov-06 09-Sep-02 09-Sep-03 09-Sep-92 10-Apr-03 10-Aug-01 10-Aug-97 10-Aug-99 10-Jan-98 10-Jun-02 10-Nov-95 10-Oct-00 10-Oct-04 10-Oct-97 11-Dec-92 11-Feb-00 11-Jan-07 11-Jan-93 11-Mar-94 11-Mar-96 11-Nov-93 11-Oct-02 12-Apr-93 12-Apr-99 12-Aug-93 12-Jul-02 12-Jun-06 12-Oct-07 13-Feb-98 13-Jan-98 13-Jun-01 13-Mar-95 13-May-02 13-Sep-06 14-Apr-00 14-Aug-00 14-Dec-98 14-Feb-03 14-Jul-00 14-Sep-04 15-Dec-93 15-Feb-06 15-Feb-95 15-May-95 15-Oct-99 16-Apr-96 16-Jul-01 16-Jun-00 16-Nov-03 16-Nov-99 16-Oct-95 17-Dec-02 17-Feb-02 17-Feb-97 17-Jul-06 17-Jul-07 17-Mar-06 17-May-94 17-Nov-99 18-Aug-00 18-Dec-92 18-Jul-97 18-Jun-05 18-Mar-03 18-May-93 18-Nov-94 19-Apr-05 20-Apr-04 20-Mar-00 21-Apr-06 21-Aug-95 21-Dec-04 21-Jan-00 21-Jul-99 21-Jun-02 21-Jun-93 22-Apr-97 22-Feb-00 22-Feb-96 22-Jan-96 22-Jun-94 22-Mar-02 22-May-06 22-May-98 23-Apr-98 23-Feb-07 23-Jul-92 23-Jun-97 23-Mar-01 23-Mar-05 24-Apr-03 24-Aug-94 24-Feb-93 24-Jul-01 24-Jul-02 24-Jun-03 24-Mar-04 25-Apr-02 25-Aug-98 25-Jan-06 25-Oct-96 26-Aug-04 26-Dec-03 26-Feb-04 26-Jan-05 26-Jan-99 26-Jun-96 26-Mar-04 26-May-00 26-May-04 26-Sep-95 27-Jul-04 27-Mar-07 27-Nov-96 27-Oct-05 28-Jul-04 28-Jul-05 29-Aug-03 29-Dec-02 29-Jul-98 29-Jun-98 29-Oct-92 29-Oct-98 30-Jun-97 30-Nov-93 31-Dec-99 31-Jan-04 31-Oct-01 31-Oct-03


A numeric vector


CO_2 concentration (in ppm)


\delta ^{14}C (in per mille)


measurement uncertainty for D14C(in per mille)


H. D. Graven, R. F. Keeling, A. F. Bollenbacher Scripps CO_2 Program Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) University of California, La Jolla, California USA 92093-0244 and

T. P. Guilderson Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (CAMS) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Livermore, California USA 94550


H. D. Graven, T. P. Guilderson and R. F. Keeling, Observations of radiocarbon in CO_2 at La Jolla, California, USA 1992-2007: Analysis of the long-term trend. Journal of Geophysical Research.

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