BCI.count {asbio}R Documentation

Barro Colorado Island Tree Counts


This dataset, lifted from vegan, contains tree counts in 1-hectare plots in Barro Colorado Island, Panama.




A data frame with 50 plots (rows) of 1 hectare with counts of trees on each plot with total of 225 species (columns). Full Latin names are used for tree species.


Data give the numbers of trees at least 10 cm in diameter at breast height (1.3 m above the ground) in each one hectare square of forest. Within each one hectare square, all individuals of all species were tallied and are recorded in this table.

The data frame contains only the Barro Colorado Island subset of the original data.

The quadrats are located in a regular grid. See examples for the coordinates.


Condit et al. (2002). Data documentation here follows directly from vegan.


Condit, R, Pitman, N, Leigh, E.G., Chave, J., Terborgh, J., Foster, R.B., Nuñez, P., Aguilar, S., Valencia, R., Villa, G., Muller-Landau, H.C., Losos, E. & Hubbell, S.P. (2002). Beta-diversity in tropical forest trees. Science 295, 666–669.

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