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Visual Inspection of Binary Incidence Matrices


Provides image() methods to generate level plots to visually inspect binary incidence matrices, i.e., objects based on itemMatrix (e.g., transactions, tidLists, items in itemsets or rhs/lhs in rules). These plots can be used to identify problems in a data set (e.g., recording problems with some transactions containing all items).


## S4 method for signature 'itemMatrix'
image(x, xlab = "Items (Columns)", ylab = "Elements (Rows)", ...)

## S4 method for signature 'transactions'
image(x, xlab = "Items (Columns)", ylab = "Transactions (Rows)", ...)

## S4 method for signature 'tidLists'
image(x, xlab = "Transactions (Columns)", ylab = "Items/itemsets (Rows)", ...)



the object (itemMatrix, transactions or tidLists).

xlab, ylab

labels for the plot.


further arguments passed on to image() in package Matrix which in turn are passed on to levelplot() in lattice.


Michael Hahsler

See Also

image() in package Matrix

Other itemMatrix and transactions functions: abbreviate(), crossTable(), c(), duplicated(), extract, hierarchy, inspect(), is.superset(), itemFrequencyPlot(), itemFrequency(), itemMatrix-class, match(), merge(), random.transactions(), sample(), sets, size(), supportingTransactions(), tidLists-class, transactions-class, unique()



## in this data set we can see that not all
## items were available from the beginning.

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