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Tree-ring indicies for Douglas Fir, Colorado, 1107-1964.


Tree-ring indicies for Douglas Fir, Colorado, 1107-1964. There are 858 consecutive values. When the environment is suboptimal, tree ring growth is limited by the climate, usually either ambient temperature or precipitation. For this tree-ring time series, the tree is located on a mountain and the limiting growth factor is temperature.




The format is: Time-Series [1:858] from 1107 to 1964: 78 62 26 100 121 97 102 85 214 245 ...


Laboratory of Tree-ring Research (LTRR), The University of Arizona http://ltrr.arizona.edu/


Fritts, H.C. et al. (1971) Multivariate techniques for specifying tree-growth and climatic relationships and for reconstructing anomalies in Paleoclimate. Journal of Applied Meteorology, 10, pp.845-864.

Hipel, K.W. and McLeod, A.I. (1994). Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems. Elsevier. http://www.stats.uwo.ca/faculty/aim/1994Book/default.htm

McLeod, A.I. & Hipel, K.W. (1978), Preservation of the rescaled adjusted range, Water Resources Research 14, 491-516.


## Not run: #confidence ellipse
library("ellipse") #needs this package!
ansTFD <- artfima(eaglecol)
v <- ansTFD$varbeta
bHat <- c(ansTFD$dHat, ansTFD$lambdaHat)
xy <- ellipse(v, centre=bHat, level=0.9)
plot(xy, type="l", lwd=2, xlab=expression(delta), ylab=expression(lambda))
points(matrix(bHat,ncol=2), pch=16, cex=3, col="blue")
#plot(xy, type="l", lwd=2, xlab=expression(delta), ylab=expression(lambda))
#points(matrix(bHat,ncol=2), pch=16, cex=3, col="blue")

## End(Not run)
## Not run: #forecast comparison

## End(Not run)

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