Analysis and Simulation of Environmental DNA Experiments

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Documentation for package ‘artemis’ version 1.1.1

Help Pages

artemis-package The 'artemis' package.
ANY-method Print eDNA model results
artemis The 'artemis' package. Methods for eDNA simulations
conf_to_probs Confidence to probability
cq_to_lnconc Convert CQ value to [eDNA]
eDNA_data eDNA_data
eDNA_lm Fit eDNA Model
eDNA_lmer Fit eDNA Model
eDNA_model, Print eDNA model results
eDNA_model-class eDNA model fit results
eDNA_model_lm-class eDNA model fit results
eDNA_model_lmer-class eDNA model fit results
eDNA_simulation-class eDNA simulation results
eDNA_simulation_lm-class eDNA simulation results
eDNA_simulation_lmer-class eDNA simulation results
eDNA_zinf_lm Fit eDNA Model
eDNA_zinf_lmer Fit eDNA Model
est_power_lm Estimate power
est_power_lmer Estimate power
est_power_range_lm Estimate power for a range of replicates
est_power_range_lmer Estimate power for a range of replicates
est_p_detect Estimate the probability of detection
exponential Prior distributions
lnconc_to_cq Convert [eDNA] to Cq
loo.eDNA_model Approximate leave-one-out cross-validation
normal Prior distributions
plot.eDNA_model Plot eDNA model results
plot.eDNA_p_detect Plot p(detect)
plot.eDNA_simulation Plot method for eDNA simulations
predict.eDNA_model Predict eDNA model
predict.eDNA_model_lmer Predict eDNA model
print.eDNA_model Print eDNA model results
print.eDNA_p_detect Print eDNA p(detect)
print.eDNA_simulation Print eDNA simulation
ranef-method Summarize random effect
show-method Print eDNA model results
sim_eDNA_lm Simulate eDNA data
sim_eDNA_lmer Simulate eDNA data
summary.eDNA_model Summary of an eDNA model
summary.eDNA_p_detect Summary method for eDNA p(detect)
summary.eDNA_simulation Summary of eDNA simulations
waic.eDNA_model Approximate leave-one-out cross-validation