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Fictitious dataset used to demonstrate the calculation of arse. In this dataset, there are 50 fictitious cases split into two groups with 25 members each (i.e., 'group' variable). The control condition represents cases in which training was not given before a stress event. In the 'Appraisal_Training' condition, cases were given a training to help cognitively reappraise a stressful situation and think of strategies to adapt to a stressor. Before random assignment to group condition, a baseline (i.e., 'tby') is measured on the case's ability to place 100 colored-pegs in a specified patterned grid in one minute. Following baseline measurement, a stress event occurs for all cases where they are asked to dip their hand in a bath of ice cold water for one minute (or as long as they can stand). Following the stress event, the cases are asked to perform the peg task four more times with different patterns to match. Cases perform the peg task at three minute intervals. The fourth time the case performs the task (i.e., t4y) represents the case's endstate at the end of the fictitious experiment. In the dataset, t#x values represent time on the x-axis.




A dataframe with 51 rows and 12 columns. There are 50 total cases.


Fictitious dataset. All values generated.

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