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The RawGenomicSignals class


Package: aroma.core
Class RawGenomicSignals


Directly known subclasses:
AbstractCNData, AbstractPSCNData, NonPairedPSCNData, PairedPSCNData, RawAlleleBFractions, RawCopyNumbers, RawMirroredAlleleBFractions, RawSequenceReads, SegmentedAlleleBFractions, SegmentedCopyNumbers

public class RawGenomicSignals
extends RichDataFrame


RawGenomicSignals(y=NULL, x=NULL, w=NULL, chromosome=0L, name=NULL, ...)



A numeric vector of length J specifying the signal at each locus.


A (optional) numeric vector of length J specifying the position of each locus.


A (optional) non-negative numeric vector of length J specifying a weight of each locus.


An (optional) integer specifying the chromosome for these genomic signals.


An (optional) character string specifying the sample name.


Not used.

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Henrik Bengtsson

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