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The Explorer class


Package: aroma.core
Class Explorer


Directly known subclasses:

public abstract static class Explorer
extends Object


Explorer(tags="*", version="0", ...)



A character vector of tags to be added to the output path.


An optional character string.


Not used.

Fields and Methods


display Displays the explorer in the default browser.
getFullName -
getName Gets the name of the explorer.
getNames Gets the names of the input samples.
getPath Gets the path of the output directory.
getRootPath Gets the root path of the output directory.
getTags Gets the tags of the explorer.
getVersion -
nbrOfArrays Gets the total number of arrays.
process Generates image files, scripts and dynamic pages for the explorer.
setArrays Sets the arrays.

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Output directory structure

The main directory of an Explorer report is reports/<name>/<subname>/. The <name> is typically the same as the name of the input data set, and the <subname> is typically the tags of ditto. This main directory is where main HTML document is stored.

For each chip type, real or "virtual" (combined), there is a subdirectory with the same name as the chip type, i.e. reports/<name>/<subname>/<chiptype>/.

For each chip type directory, there are set of subdirectories each specifying a so called image layer, e.g. an image layer showing the raw data, another containing the estimates of a model fit and so on. Path format: reports/<name>/<subname>/<chiptype>/<image layer>/. In this directory all image files are stored, e.g. PNG files.

In some cases one do not want to all input tags to become part of the subname, but instead for instance use those to name the image layer(s). In such cases one has to override the default names.


Henrik Bengtsson

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