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The ChromosomeExplorer class


Package: aroma.core
Class ChromosomeExplorer


Directly known subclasses:

public static class ChromosomeExplorer
extends Explorer


ChromosomeExplorer(model=NULL, zooms=2^(0:6), ...)



A CopyNumberChromosomalModel object.


An positive integer vector specifying for which zoom levels the graphics should be generated.


Not used.

Fields and Methods


display -
getChromosomes Gets the chromosomes available.
getFullNames -
getModel Gets the model.
getNames -
getPath -
getZooms -
indexOf -
process Generates image files, scripts and dynamic pages for the explorer.
setArrays Sets the arrays.
setCytoband -
setZooms -

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Generating PNG images

In order to get better looking graphs, but also to be able to generate bitmap images on systems without direct bitmap support, which is the case when running R in batch mode or on Unix without X11 support, images are created using the png2 device (a wrapper for bitmap() imitating png()). The png() is only used if png2(), which requires Ghostscript, does not. Note, when images are created using png2(), the images does not appear immediately, although the function call is completed, so be patient.


Henrik Bengtsson

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