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The AromaTransform class


Package: aroma.core
Class AromaTransform


Directly known subclasses:

public abstract static class AromaTransform
extends ParametersInterface

This abstract class represents a transform (algorithm/operator) that transforms data. A transform has an input data set, which is transformed into an output data set.


AromaTransform(dataSet=NULL, tags="*", ..., .reqSetClass="AromaMicroarrayDataSet")



The input data set as an AromaMicroarrayDataSet.


A character vector of tags to be appended to the tags of the input data set.


Not used.


Internal argument.


Subclasses must implement the process() method.

Fields and Methods


getFullName Gets the full name of the output data set.
getInputDataSet Gets the input data set.
getName Gets the name of the output data set.
getOutputDataSet Gets the transformed data set.
getPath Gets the path of the output directory.
getRootPath Gets the root path of the output directory.
getTags Gets the tags of the output data set.
isDone Checks if the data set is processed or not.
process Processes the data set.
setTags -

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Henrik Bengtsson

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