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The AbstractCNData class


Package: aroma.core
Class AbstractCNData


Directly known subclasses:
AbstractPSCNData, NonPairedPSCNData, PairedPSCNData

public class AbstractCNData
extends RawGenomicSignals

An AbstractCNData object holds copy number data.


AbstractCNData(chromosome=NULL, x=NULL, y=NULL, ..., name=NULL, .virtuals=NULL)



(Optional) An integer scalar (or a vector of length J), which can be used to specify which chromosome each locus belongs to in case multiple chromosomes are segments. This argument is also used for annotation purposes.


Optional numeric vector of J genomic locations. If NULL, index locations 1:J are used.


Optional numeric vector of J genomic locations.


Optional named locus-specific signal vectors of length J.


Optional character string.


(Internal) a list with virtual column name functions.

Fields and Methods


findLargeGaps -
getChipType -
getLocusData -
getPlatform -
setChipType -
setPlatform -

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Henrik Bengtsson

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