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Estimation and assessment of raw copy numbers at the single locus level (CRMA v1)


Estimation and assessment of raw copy numbers at the single locus level (CRMA v1) based on [1]. The algorithm is processed in bounded memory, meaning virtually any number of arrays can be analyzed on also very limited computer systems.


  ## S3 method for class 'AffymetrixCelSet'
doCRMAv1(csR, shift=+300, combineAlleles=TRUE, lengthRange=NULL, arrays=NULL, drop=TRUE,
  verbose=FALSE, ...)
  ## Default S3 method:
doCRMAv1(dataSet, ..., verbose=FALSE)
  ## Default S3 method:


csR, dataSet

An AffymetrixCelSet (or the name of an AffymetrixCelSet).


An tuning parameter specifying how much to shift the probe signals before probe summarization.


A logical specifying whether allele probe pairs should be summed before modeling or not.


An optional numeric vector of length two passed to FragmentLengthNormalization.


A integer vector specifying the subset of arrays to process. If NULL, all arrays are considered.


If TRUE, the summaries are returned, otherwise a named list of all intermediate and final results.


See Verbose.


Additional arguments used to set up AffymetrixCelSet (when argument dataSet is specified).


Returns a named list, iff drop == FALSE, otherwise only ChipEffectSet object.

Allele-specific or only total-SNP signals

If you wish to obtain allele-specific estimates for SNPs, which are needed to call genotypes or infer parent-specific copy numbers, then use argument combineAlleles=FALSE. Total copy number signals are still available. If you know for certain that you will not use allele-specific estimates, you will get slightly less noisy signals (very small difference) if you use combineAlleles=TRUE.

doASCRMAv1(...) is a wrapper for doCRMAv1(..., combineAlleles=FALSE).


Henrik Bengtsson


[1] H. Bengtsson, R. Irizarry, B. Carvalho & T.P. Speed. Estimation and assessment of raw copy numbers at the single locus level, Bioinformatics, 2008.

See Also

For CRMA v2 (recommended by authors), which is a single-array improvement over CRMA v1, see doCRMAv2().

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