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The UnitModel class


Package: aroma.affymetrix
Class UnitModel


Directly known subclasses:
AffineCnPlm, AffinePlm, AffineSnpPlm, AlleleSummation, AvgCnPlm, AvgPlm, AvgSnpPlm, ExonRmaPlm, FirmaModel, HetLogAddCnPlm, HetLogAddPlm, HetLogAddSnpPlm, MbeiCnPlm, MbeiPlm, MbeiSnpPlm, MultiArrayUnitModel, ProbeLevelModel, RmaCnPlm, RmaPlm, RmaSnpPlm, SingleArrayUnitModel

public abstract static class UnitModel
extends Model

This class is abstract and represents a generic unit model, i.e. a model that is applied to each unit separately.


UnitModel(dataSet=NULL, probeModel=c("pm", "mm", "pm-mm", "min1(pm-mm)", "pm+mm"),
  shift=0, ...)



An AffymetrixCelSet to which this model should be fitted.


A character string specifying how PM and MM values should be modeled. By default only PM signals are used.


An optional amount the signals should be shifted (translated) before fitting the model.


Arguments passed to the constructor of Model.

Fields and Methods


findUnitsTodo -

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Henrik Bengtsson

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