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The Model class


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Class Model


Directly known subclasses:
AffineCnPlm, AffinePlm, AffineSnpPlm, AlleleSummation, AvgCnPlm, AvgPlm, AvgSnpPlm, CrlmmModel, ExonRmaPlm, FirmaModel, HetLogAddCnPlm, HetLogAddPlm, HetLogAddSnpPlm, MbeiCnPlm, MbeiPlm, MbeiSnpPlm, MultiArrayUnitModel, ProbeLevelModel, RmaCnPlm, RmaPlm, RmaSnpPlm, SingleArrayUnitModel, UnitModel

public abstract static class Model
extends ParametersInterface

This class is abstract and represents a generic model that applies to a data set.


Model(dataSet=NULL, tags="*", ..., .onUnknownArgs=c("error", "warning", "ignore"))



The data set to which this model should be fitted.


A character vector of tags to be appended to the tags of the input data set.


Not used.


A character string specifying what should occur if there are unknown arguments in ....

Fields and Methods


fit -
getAsteriskTags -
getDataSet -
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getName -
getPath -
getTags -
setTags -

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Henrik Bengtsson

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