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The MbeiPlm class


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Class MbeiPlm


Directly known subclasses:
MbeiCnPlm, MbeiSnpPlm

public abstract static class MbeiPlm
extends ProbeLevelModel

This class represents the model-based expression indexes (MBEI) multiplicative model in Li & Wong (2001).





Arguments passed to ProbeLevelModel.

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For a single unit group, the multiplicative model is:

y_{ik} = \theta_i \phi_k + \varepsilon_{ik}

where \theta_i are the chip effects for arrays i=1,...,I, and \phi_k are the probe affinities for probes k=1,...,K. The \varepsilon_{ik} are zero-mean noise with equal variance. To make to parameters identifiable, the constraint \prod_k \phi_k = 1 is added.


Henrik Bengtsson


Li, C. and Wong, W.H. (2001), Genome Biology 2, 1-11.
Li, C. and Wong, W.H. (2001), Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci USA 98, 31-36.

See Also

Internally fit.li.wong is used.

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