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The AvgPlm class


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Class AvgPlm


Directly known subclasses:
AvgCnPlm, AvgSnpPlm

public abstract static class AvgPlm
extends ProbeLevelModel

This class represents a PLM where the probe intensities are averaged assuming identical probe affinities. For instance, one may assume that replicated probes with identical sequences have the same probe affinities, cf. the GenomeWideSNP_6 chip type.


AvgPlm(..., flavor=c("median", "mean"))



Arguments passed to ProbeLevelModel.


A character string specifying what model fitting algorithm to be used. This makes it possible to get identical estimates as other packages.

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For a single unit group, the averaging PLM of K probes is:

y_{ik} = \theta_i + \varepsilon_{ik}

where \theta_i are the chip effects for arrays i=1,...,I. The \varepsilon_{ik} are zero-mean noise with equal variance.

Different flavors of model fitting

The above model can be fitted in two ways, either robustly or non-robustly. Use argument flavor="mean" to fit the model non-robustly, i.e.

\hat{\theta}_{i} = 1/K \sum_k y_{ik}


Use argument flavor="median" to fit the model robustly, i.e.

\hat{\theta}_{i} = median_k y_{ik}


Missing values are always excluded.


Henrik Bengtsson

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