A Statistical Methodology to Select Covariates in High-Dimensional Data under Dependence

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Documentation for package ‘armada’ version 0.1.0

Help Pages

ARMADA Scores of all the covariates present in X, given the vector Y of the response.
ARMADA.heatmap Heatmap of the selected covariates.
ARMADA.select Covariates selection via 8 selection methods
ARMADA.summary Scores of the covariates X
clustering To obtain the dendrogram of the covariates contained in the data.frame X, and a proposition for the number of clusters of covariates in X.
covariables concatenation of the rownames of X and of the response vector Y.
toys.data Toys data
toys.data.multi Toys data in multinomial case
toys.data.reg Toys data in regression case
X_decor Decorrelation of a matrix X, given a response variable Y.