get_service_type {arcpullr}R Documentation

Get elements of a Service or Layer from an ArcGIS REST endpoint


This family of functions is meant to pull attributes from a particular service or layer hosted on an ArcGIS REST API. If the service is an ImageServer or MapServer, then the behavior will be slightly different than for a Feature Layer (see details).


get_service_type(url, ...)



A character string of a valid layer URL


Only used internally, but html can be passed


get_service_type will return the type of service or layer for the respective URL (or html) that is passed to the function. For a feature layer the function should return "feature_layer", for a Image or Map Server the function will return "image" or "map", respectively.

get_geometry_type will return the geometry type of feature service layers housed on an ArcGIS REST API server. If a URL is provided that points to a map or image layer the function will return an error (i.e. only feature layers have geometry types).

get_supported_operations will simply return a character vector that lists the supported operations for url.


A character string defining the layer type


## Not run: 

## End(Not run)

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