Tools for the a Priori Comparison of Regression Modelling Strategies

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Documentation for package ‘apricom’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

bootval Bootstrap-derived Shrinkage After Estimation
compare A Comparison of Regression Modelling Strategies
compdist Comparison Distribution Descriptives
datashape Data shaping tools
grandpart Accessory Function for Cross-validation
kcrossval Cross-validation-derived Shrinkage After Estimation
loglikelihood Negative 2 log likelihood
loocval Leave-one-out Cross-validation-derived Shrinkage
ml.rgr Logistic Regression with Maximum Likelihood Estimation
ml.shrink Estimation of a Shrinkage Factor for Logistic Regression
ols.rgr Linear Regression using Ordinary Least Squares
ols.shrink Estimation of a Shrinkage Factor for Linear Regression
randboot Bootstrap Resampling
randnor Multivariable Random Normal data
randpart Accessory Function for Sample Splitting
randunif Multivariable Random Uniform data
shrink.heur Shrinkage After Estimation Using Heuristic Formulae
splitval Split-sample-derived Shrinkage After Estimation
sse Sum of Square Errors
strategy An Accessory Function for Strategy Selection