get_apple_chart_postion {appler}R Documentation

Apple App Store Chart Position


Search for whether an application is currently in the top 100 apps of any category on the Apple App Store.


get_apple_chart_postion(id, country)



The ID of the App on the Apple App Store. Either found by using search_apple, or available in the URL of the app to pull reviews from. For example, GitHub's App ID is 1477376903, as seen in its URL:


The two-letter country code for the store you want to search. For a list of country codes see


A list of two, containing the 'position' and the 'category' of the app if available.

If the application is not in the charts then both fields will return as NA


# Search for GitHub in App Store in the UK
country_id <- "gb"
github_search_results <- search_apple(
  term = "GitHub",
  country = country_id,
  media = "software"

# Look up chart position for GitHub in the UK
# (App ID found in trackId column of github_search_results)
get_apple_chart_postion(1477376905, "gb")

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