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Dishonest casino.


The 'dishonest casino' example from Durbin et al (1998) chapter 3.2.




A named character vector showing the result of 300 rolls of a dice that switches from "Fair" to "Loaded" with a probability of 0.05 and back to "Fair" with a probability of 0.1. In the Fair state each outcome from 1 to 6 has an equal probability of occurring, while in the Loaded state the probability of rolling a 6 increases to 0.5 (with the remaining five probabilities reduced to 0.1). The elements of the vector are the outcomes of the 300 rolls ("1", "2", "3", "4", "5", or "6") and the "names" attribute represents the underlying Markov states ("Fair" or "Loaded").


Durbin R, Eddy SR, Krogh A, Mitchison G (1998) Biological sequence analysis: probabilistic models of proteins and nucleic acids. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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