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Draw Additional Edges on a Plotted Tree


edges draws edges on a plotted tree. fancyarrows enhances arrows with triangle and harpoon heads; it can be called from edges.


edges(nodes0, nodes1, arrows = 0, type = "classical", ...)
fancyarrows(x0, y0, x1, y1, length = 0.25, angle = 30, code = 2,
            col = par("fg"), lty = par("lty"), lwd = par("lwd"),
            type = "triangle", ...)


nodes0, nodes1

vectors of integers giving the tip and/or node numbers where to start and to end the edges (eventually recycled).


an integer between 0 and 3; 0: lines (the default); 1: an arrow head is drawn at nodes0; 2: at nodes1; 3: both.


if the previous argument is not 0, the type of arrow head: "classical" (just lines, the default), "triangle", "harpoon", or any unambiguous abbreviations of these. For fancyarrows only the last two are available.

x0, y0, x1, y1

the coordinates of the start and end points for fancyarrows (these are not recycled and so should be vectors of the same length).

length, angle, code, col, lty, lwd

default options similar to those of arrows.


further arguments passed to segments.


The first function is helpful when drawing reticulations on a phylogeny, especially if computed from the edge matrix.


Emmanuel Paradis

See Also

plot.phylo, nodelabels


tr <- rcoal(6)
plot(tr, "c")
edges(10, 9, col = "red", lty = 2)
edges(10:11, 8, col = c("blue", "green")) # recycling of 'nodes1'
edges(1, 2, lwd = 2, type = "h", arrows = 3, col = "green")

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