Analyses of Phylogenetic Treeshape

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Documentation for package ‘apTreeshape’ version 1.5-0.1

Help Pages

aldous.test Visualizing balance via scatter diagrams
all.equal.treeshape Compare two objects of class treeshape
as.phylo.treeshape Conversion among tree objects
as.treeshape Conversion among tree objects
as.treeshape.phylo Conversion among tree objects
aux_lik Probability of the sampled node position
a_N Computes a_n
bind.trees Binds two tree together
build_tree Internal BetaAlphaEta function
carnivora.treeshape Phylogeny of carnivores.
change_int Internal function
change_int_eta Internal function
cladesize Compute the number of children of a randomly chosen node
colless Compute the Colless' shape statistic on tree data
colless.test Perform a test on the Yule or PDA hypothesis based on the Colless or the Sackin statistic
cutreeshape Cut objects of class "treeshape"
cytochromc Phylogeny of the cytochrome C family.
depth Gets the node depths of the tree
enhance Internal function
enhance_eta Internal function
get_extinction_list Gives the tips of the phylogeny in their extinction order
get_PD_sample Computes the proportion of conserved PD
get_tree_beta Beta parameter as a function of the proportion of remaining tips
hivtree.treeshape Phylogenetic Tree of 193 HIV-1 Sequences
insert Insert an element in a vector
lambda.epsilon Computes lambda_epsilon
lambda_N Computation of lambda_epsilon
likelihood.test Test the Yule model vs PDA (uniform) model.
maxlik.betasplit Maximum likelihood of beta in the Beta-splitting model
mcmc_alpha Inference of the alpha parameter
mcmc_eta Inference of the alpha and eta parameters
nodes_depths_ordonnes Gets the node depths of the tree
plot.treeshape Plot phylogenetic treeshapes.
primates Phylogeny of the primates.
rbactrian Proposal for the mcmc functions
rhodopsin Phylogeny of rhodopsin proteins.
rtreeshape Generate a list of random binary trees according to a given model
sackin Compute the Sackin's index of a tree
sackin.test Perform a test on the Yule or PDA hypothesis based on the Colless or the Sackin statistic
shape.statistic Computes the log of the likelihood ratio (yule/pda)
shift.test Testing diversification rate variation in phylogenetic trees
simulate.R Simulate R knowing K=k
simulate.R.K Simulate (R,K)
simulate.Tau.X Simulate (Tau, X_Tau-)
simulate.Yi Simulates the random variables Y_i
simulate_kingman Ranked topology with Kingman's coalescent depths
simulate_tree Simulates ranked topology
simulate_yule Ranked topology with Birth-death process depths
smaller.clade.spectrum Compute the smaller clade spectrum of a tree.
spectrum.treeshape Compute the spectrum of a tree
split Computes the splits at each node of a tree
subtree.test Test the Yule or PDA hypothesis
summary.treeshape Print a summary of an object of class "treeshape"
tipsubtree Extract a subtree that contains pre-specified tip names or labels
transform Internal function
transform_eta Internal function
treeshape Builds an object of class treeshape
universal.treeshape Universal phylogenetic tree of life
yule_lengths Internal BetaAlphaEta function