orsf_control_custom {aorsf}R Documentation

Custom ORSF control




orsf_control_custom(beta_fun, ...)



(function) a function to define coefficients used in linear combinations of predictor variables. beta_fun must accept three inputs named x_node, y_node and w_node, and should expect the following types and dimensions:

  • x_node (matrix; n rows, p columns)

  • y_node (matrix; n rows, 2 columns)

  • w_node (matrix; n rows, 1 column)

In addition, beta_fun must return a matrix with p rows and 1 column. If any of these conditions are not met, orsf_control_custom() will let you know.


Further arguments passed to or from other methods (not currently used).


an object of class 'orsf_control', which should be used as an input for the control argument of orsf.

See Also

linear combination control functions orsf_control_cph(), orsf_control_fast(), orsf_control_net(), orsf_control()

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