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Download spatial hexagonal grid H3


Results of the AOP project are spatially aggregated on a hexagonal grid based on the global H3 index at resolution 8, with a size of 357 meters (short diagonal) and an area of 0.74 km2. More information about H3 at See documentation 'Details' for the data dictionary.


read_grid(city, showProgress = FALSE)



Character. A city name or three-letter abbreviation. If city="all", results for all cities are loaded.


Logical. Defaults to TRUE display progress bar


An sf data.frame object

Data dictionary:

Data type column Description
geographic abbrev_muni Abbreviation of city name (3 letters)
geographic name_muni City name
geographic code_muni 7-digit code of each city
geographic id_hex Unique id of hexagonal cell


# Read spatial grid of a single city
nat <- read_grid(city = 'Natal', showProgress = FALSE)

# Read spatial grid of all cities in the project
# all <- read_grid(city = 'all', showProgress = FALSE)

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