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Download accessibility estimates with population and land use data


Download annual estimates of access to employment, health and education services by transport mode and time of the day. See documentation 'Details' for the data dictionary. The data comes aggregated on a hexagonal grid based on the global H3 index at resolution 8, with a size of 357 meters (short diagonal) and an area of 0.74 km2. More information about H3 at


  mode = "walk",
  peak = TRUE,
  year = 2019,
  geometry = FALSE,
  showProgress = TRUE



Character. A city name or three-letter abbreviation. If city="all", results for all cities are loaded.


Character. A transport mode. Modes available include 'public_transport', 'bicycle', or 'walk' (the default).


Logical. If TRUE (the default), returns accessibility estimates during peak time, between 6am and 8am. If FALSE, returns accessibility during off-peak, between 2pm and 4am. This argument only takes effect when mode = public_transport.


Numeric. A year number in YYYY format. Default set to 2019, the only year currently available.


Logical. If FALSE (the default), returns a regular data.table of aop data. If TRUE, returns a an sf data.frame with simple feature geometry of spatial hexagonal grid H3. See details in read_grid.


Logical. Defaults to TRUE display progress bar


A data.frame object

Data dictionary:

The name of the columns with accessibility estimates are the junction of three components: 1) Indicator 2) Type of opportunity 3) Time thresold (if applicable)

1) Indicator

Indicator Description Note
CMA Cumulative opportunity measure (active)
TMI Travel time to closest opportunity Value = Inf when travel time is longer than 2h (public transport) or 1,5h (walking or bicycle)

2) Type of opportunity

Indicator Description Note
TT All jobs
TQ Total jobs with partial match between job education and income quintile
TD Total jobs with partial match between job education and income decile
ST All healthcare facilities
SB Healthcare facilities - Low complexity
SM Healthcare facilities - Medium complexity
SA Healthcare facilities - High complexity
ET All public schools
EI Public schools - early childhood
EF Public schools - elementary schools
EM Public schools - high schools

3) Time thresold (only applicable to CMA estimates)y

Time thresold Description Note - Only applicable to:
15 Opportunities accessible within 15 min. Active transport modes
30 Opportunities accessible within 30 min. All transport modes
45 Opportunities accessible within 45 min. Active transport modes
60 Opportunities accessible within 60 min. All transport modes
90 Opportunities accessible within 90 min. Public transport
120 Opportunities accessible within 120 min. Public transport


# Read accessibility estimates of a single city
df <- read_access(city = 'Fortaleza', mode = 'public_transport', year = 2019, showProgress = FALSE)
df <- read_access(city = 'for', mode = 'public_transport', year = 2019, showProgress = FALSE)

# Read accessibility estimates for all cities
all <- read_access(city = 'all', mode = 'walk', year = 2019, showProgress = FALSE)

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