'Antares' Results Processing

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Documentation for package ‘antaresProcessing’ version 0.18.0

Help Pages

addDownwardMargin Add downward margins of areas
addExportAndImport Export and import of areas or districts
addLoadFactorLink Load factors of link
addNetLoad Net load of areas
addProcessingH5 Add process results of antaresProcessing to an ANTARES .h5 files
addUpwardMargin Add upward margin of areas
compare Compare two simulations or two antaresData
externalDependency External Dependencies in imports and exports
getValues Get values of a variable
loadFactor Load factors of clusters
mergeAllAntaresData Merge all antaresDataSets
modulation Compute the modulation of cluster units
netLoadRamp Ramp of an area
surplus Compute economic surplus
surplusClusters Compute the surplus of clusters
surplusSectors Compute the surplus of sectors
synthesize Synthesize Monte-Carlo scenarios
thermalGroupCapacities compute thermal capacities from study