scale_shape {animint2}R Documentation

Scale for shapes, aka glyphs.


A continuous variable can not be mapped to shape.


scale_shape(..., solid = TRUE)



common discrete scale parameters: name, breaks, labels, na.value, limits and guide. See discrete_scale for more details


Are the shapes solid, TRUE, or hollow FALSE?


dsmall <- diamonds[sample(nrow(diamonds), 100), ]

(d <- ggplot(dsmall, aes(carat, price)) + geom_point(aes(shape = cut)))
d + scale_shape(solid = TRUE) # the default
d + scale_shape(solid = FALSE)
d + scale_shape(name = "Cut of diamond")
d + scale_shape(name = "Cut of\ndiamond")

# To change order of levels, change order of
# underlying factor
levels(dsmall$cut) <- c("Fair", "Good", "Very Good", "Premium", "Ideal")

# Need to recreate plot to pick up new data
ggplot(dsmall, aes(price, carat)) + geom_point(aes(shape = cut))

# Or for short:
d %+% dsmall

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