merge.anim.frames {anim.plots}R Documentation

Merge anim.frames objects


Merge two or more anim.frames objects to create a new anim.frames object


## S3 method for class 'anim.frames'
merge(..., speed = NULL)



anim.frames objects returned from, e.g. anim.plot


speed for the merged object. This may be left unspecified only if all objects have the same speed.


If two or more calls in the merged animation are at the same time, calls from the earlier object in ... will be run first.

If you merge two animations from anim.plot, plot.window will be called before each frame of the merged animation. This may not be what you want. Instead, use anim.points or similar for all but the first animation.


tmp <- anim.plot(1:5, 1:5, speed=2)
tmp2 <- anim.plot(1:5, 5:1, col="red", speed=2)
## Not what you want:
replay(merge(tmp, tmp2))

## better:
tmp3 <- anim.points(1:5, 5:1,col="red", speed=2)
newf <- merge(tmp, tmp3)
## NB: result of the merge looks different from the two
## individual animations

## not the same:
newf2 <- merge(tmp2, tmp) 
## points will be called before plot!

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