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Plot components of anchors.rank objects


Plot components of anchors.rank objects. Currently this only makes a scatter plot if anchors(...,combn=TRUE). For plots of densities of ranks, see barplot.anchors.rank


  ## S3 method for class 'anchors.rank'
plot(x, ..., xy)



anchors.rank object


for plot


name two columns from anchors.combn to plot (case insensitive, and you only need to specify first three letters of each name); must be a vector of strings of length 2; see Details below.


Each observation in the plot is a subset of vignettes, represented by their index values as originally passed by the formula (see anchors.order for an example/description).

To define the axis of the scatter plot, the columns to choose from include:

"estimated": estimated entropy from cplor model

"minimum": minimum entropy from minimum.entropy calculation

"interval": number of cases with interval (non-scalar) ranks

"span" average span of ranks (including scalar cases)

"max" maximum B or C value for the subset of vignettes

Choose two of the above, e.g., xy=c("minimum","interval")


Related materials and worked examples are available at


Jonathan Wand


Wand, Jonathan; Gary King; and Olivia Lau. (2007) “Anchors: Software for Anchoring Vignettes”. Journal of Statistical Software. Forthcoming. copy at

Wand, Jonathan and Gary King. (2007) Anchoring Vignetttes in R: A (different kind of) Vignette copy at

See Also

anchors, anchors.order


## see help(anchors) and demo(anchors.plot) for examples

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