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Obtains a specific output


Obtains a specific output


getOutputById(object, reqId, includeCall = F)

## S4 method for signature 'BaseAnalysisPipeline'
getOutputById(object, reqId,
  includeCall = F)



The AnalysisPipeline or StreamingAnalysisPipeline object


The position of the function for which the output is desired in the sequence of operations in the pipeline.


Logical which defines whether the call used to generate the output should be returned. By, default this is false


Obtains a specific output from the AnalysisPipeline or StreamingAnalysisPipeline object by passing the position of the function for which the output is desired, in the sequence of operations in the pipeline. This can be obtained by passing the number under the 'id' column in the pipeline table corresponding to the required function

This method is implemented on the base class as it is a shared functionality types of Analysis Pipelines which extend this class


If includeCall = F, the output object generated by the function is returned

If includeCall = T, it is a list containing to elements - call: tibble with 1 row containing the function call for the output desired - output: output generated

See Also

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## Not run: 
pipelineObj <- AnalysisPipeline(input = iris)
getNumRows <- function(dataset){
pipelineObj %>>% getNumRows(storeOutput = TRUE) -> pipelineObj
pipelineObj %>>% generateOutput %>>% getOutputById("1")

## End(Not run)

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