fitted.logitreg {analogue}R Documentation

Fitted values for the training set from logistic regression models


Extracts fitted values for training set samples from logistic regression models fitted to each group of samples that describe the probability two samples are analogues (from the same group) as a function of dissimilarity between the paired samples.


## S3 method for class 'logitreg'
fitted(object, combined = FALSE, ...)



an object of class "logitreg" resulting from a call to logitreg.


logical; should the fitted values for the overall combined analysis be returned.


arguments passed to other methods.


If combined == FALSE (the default) then a matrix of fitted probabilities, where the rows are the training set samples and the columns the groupings, is returned. If combined == TRUE, then a list with components "group" and "combined". "group" is a matrix of fitted probabilities as above. "combined" is a vector of fitted values for the entire set of pairwise comparisons considered.


Gavin L. Simpson

See Also

See logitreg for example usage.

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