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Maxwell's data


This data set is a hypothetical data set originally contrived by Maxwell (1961) for demonstrating his method of discriminant analysis. The data consist of three criterion groups, schizophrenic , manic-depressive and anxiety state, and four binary predictor variables each indicating either presence (1) or absence (0) of a certain symptom. The four symptoms are anxiety suspicion, schizophrenic type of thought disorders, and delusions of guilt. These four binary variables were factorially combined to form 16 distinct patterns of symptoms (predictor patterns), and each of these patterns is identified with a row of the table, which contains the cross-classification of 620 patients according to the 16 patterns of symptoms and the three criterion groups.




A list with the frequency table as the first element and the row covariates as the second.


This dataset can be used for canonical CA. The binary predictor variables can be considered as row covariates.


Maxwell, A.E. (1961). Canonical variate analysis when the variables are dichotomous. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 21,259-271.


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