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Select active dimensions for small dimensional estimate


The function selectActiveDims selects the active dimensions for the computation of p_q with an heuristic method.


selectActiveDims(q = NULL, E, threshold, mu, Sigma, pn = NULL,
  method = 1, verb = 0, pmvnorm_usr = pmvnorm)



either the fixed number of active dimensions or the range where the number of active dimensions is chosen with selectQdims. If NULL the function selectQdims is called.


discretization design for the field.




mean vector.


covariance matrix.


coverage probability function based on threshold, mu and Sigma. If NULL it is computed.


integer chosen between

  • 0 selects by taking equally spaced indexes in mu;

  • 1 samples from pn;

  • 2 samples from pn*(1-pn);

  • 3 samples from pn adjusting for the distance (tries to explore all modes);

  • 4 samples from pn*(1-pn) adjusting for the distance (tries to explore all modes);

  • 5 samples with uniform probabilities.


level of verbosity: 0 returns nothing, 1 returns minimal info


function to compute core probability on active dimensions. Inputs:

  • lower: the vector of lower limits of length d.

  • upper: the vector of upper limits of length d.

  • mean: the mean vector of length d.

  • sigma: the covariance matrix of dimension d.

returns a the probability value with attribute "error", the absolute error. Default is the function pmvnorm from the package mvtnorm.


A vector of integers denoting the chosen active dimensions of the vector mu.


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