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MC estimate for the remainder


Standard Monte Carlo estimate for P(max X^{-q} >threshold | max X^{q}\le threshold) or P(min X^{-q} <threshold | min X^{q}\ge threshold) where X is a normal vector. It is used for the bias correction in ProbaMax and ProbaMin.


  delta = 0.1,
  type = "M",
  trmvrnorm = trmvrnorm_rej_cpp,
  typeReturn = 0,
  verb = 0,
  params = NULL



total computational budget in seconds.


list defining the problem with mandatory fields:

  • muEq = mean vector of X^{q};

  • sigmaEq = covariance matrix of X^q;

  • threshold = threshold;

  • muEmq = mean vector of X^{-q};

  • wwCondQ = “weights” for X^{-q} | X^q [ the vector \Sigma^{-q,q}(\Sigma^q)^{-1}];

  • sigmaCondQChol = Cholesky factorization of the conditional covariance matrix \Sigma^{-q | q}.


total proportion of budget assigned to initial estimate (default 0.1), the actual proportion used might be smaller.


type of excursion: "m", for minimum below threshold or "M", for maximum above threshold.


function to generate truncated multivariate normal samples, it must have the following signature trmvrnorm(n,mu,sigma,upper,lower,verb), where

  • n: number of simulations;

  • mu: mean vector of the Normal variable of dimension d;

  • sigma: covariance matrix of dimension d x d;

  • upper: vector of upper limits of length d;

  • lower: vector of lower limits of length d;

  • verb: the level of verbosity 3 basic, 4 extended.

It must return a matrix d x n of realizations. If not specified, the rejection sampler trmvrnorm_rej_cpp is used.


integer: 0 (only the estimate) or 1 (heavy return with variance of the estimate, parameters of the estimator and computational times).


the level of verbosity, also sets the verbosity of trmvrnorm (to verb-1).


system dependent parameters (if NULL they are estimated).


A list containing the estimated probability of excursion, see typeReturn for details.


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